Words I wish I could ban

Created by Phil Thompson

There is alot of words bouncing around the internet at the moment that have become fashionable to say these words are.

  1. Symantec code
  2. Responsive web design

Let’s deal with these one at a time.

Symantec code

This basically means does your code look pretty And de cluttered and have you use the rite HTML tag for what ever your writing.

My thought is ….. IF THE SITE WORKS WHO CARES.

Responsive web design

In laymens terms making your site work on both desktop as well as iOS devices and other mobile platforms.

My thoughts is this is a cool thing but please don’t mention it a 1001 times in a blog post which I see all the time and only do it if you want don’t feel forced to do it to your site. Most decent mobile browsing devices can cope with looking at a normal web page quite well.

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