Over To Jekyll

Created by Phil Thompson

After hearing about it for a while i decided to take a big step and move from wordpress over to jekyll.

What is jekyll???

Some of you might not have heard of jekyll and so have no idea what it is. Well jekyll is a static site generator. What this allows you to do is work modually with html files. So you can set a template for you site and then all the main content for a page you can place in either a html, md, markdown or txt file and then jekyll will take your content mix it with the template and spit out a compiled html file.

Ok why???

For starters Security - There is no database so there is nothing for people to hack.

Secondly Speed - This is because all the pages are already created so they load much quicker, all the server has to do is send you the page. Where as when you load a page from a wordpress blog you are going to a fake url which passes a query to a index.php file which then asks the database for all the details about the page, and once it has all of that it then makes the page and then finally send’s the file to you. Which one sounds quicker.

Thirdly There cool so why not - Need I say anymore.

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