What Podcasts Do I Listen To And Why

Created by Phil Thompson

Up until the time when I got my first iOS device I kept hearing about these things called podcasts but never really knew what they was or even looked into them. Little did I know what it was that I was missing out on.

Now days I spend most of my time listening to or watching podcasts and I thought it might be worth listing some of my favourites and why I like them so much.

So here goes.

Video Podcasts

CSS-Tricks Screencasts


Host: Chris Coyier

This was one of the first video podcasts I started watching and subscribed to. Hosted by CSS guru Chris Coyier it’s a screencast based tutorial podcast.

Unlike the name would suggest the tutorial cover various aspects of web design and development from designing in photoshop to CSS to working with wordpress.

I have learnt so much from this podcast and I believe that you will do too, so why not check it out.

This video podcast is created by an organisation called NAPP and has different host almost every week and is great for learning new photoshop tricks.

WARNING! The hosts of this show are mostly photographers so a load of the tips are about playing with photo’s but they do also do graphic design things as well.

Audio Podcasts

This audio podcast has been going for over 7 years now and the premise is simple. Send your random question’s to Helen and Olly and they will try there best to find the answer for you.

The thing is that Helen and Olly aren’t afraid to speak there minds and a load of comedy comes from it. This one you need to check out without fail because you wont regret it at all.

Shop Talk Show


Host: Chris Coyier | Dave Rupert | Various Guests

In the words of Dave Rupert “Shop talk show is a sound effect podcast that also talks about web design and development”.

Listeners are requested to send in any questions they have about anything to do with the web.

Also it has some kick-ass sound effects.

Tech News Today


Host: Tom Merritt | Sarah Lane | Iyaz Akhtar | Jason Howell | Various Guests

Tech News Today (also known as TNT) is a daily news show that is all about tech. Episodes run for on average between 45min-1hr. Hosted from the twit brick house in Petaluma, California. Well when I say hosted in Petaluma this show has had to evolve into using skype a lot due to things like the main host Tom Merriet having to move to Los Angeles due to his wife’s job with youtube.

The guests that they have on the show are normally either tech bloggers or tech reporters but they usually choose well.

Now I have put this show in the audio section but all of the podcast from the twit network are actually video podcasts. You can even watch the shows live on the main twit site. I just choose to listen to the audio podcast just so I can listen to it on the way to work.

The East Wing


Host: Tim Smith | Various Guests

“The East Wing is a weekly show that talks about design, user experience, problem solving and the keys to creating products with value.” (from the east wing website)

Tim Smith is a great host with his relaxed interview style that seams to get more out of his guests. If you are looking for inspiration then this is one podcast for you.

This Week In Tech


Host: Leo Laporte | Various Guests

This week in tech (TWiT) is the brain child of tech journalist Leo Laporte. Leo used to be on an American TV channel called TechTV as a host of one of the shows called the screen savers. After TechTV got sold off Leo decided to start a weekly audio podcast in a tiny room where he talked about tech.

Many years on and now TWiT has grown and grown into more of an internet TV channel with their brand new facility of a custom built studio. The show runs for about 2 hours and is broadcast live on Sunday night (UK) / afternoon (US) but is available after in either a video or audio form. Same as with TNT I like to listen to the audio podcast form of the show on the way to work each week but then sometimes I will watch the video version if I believe something funny happened or that they talked about something that I need to see.

That is it for now I will be adding more podcasts to the list over time.

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