What I Think Of The Flat UI Kit

Created by Phil Thompson

For some time the culture about design on the internet has been about skeuomorphic design. In the lasts 6 months or so their has been a bit of a rebellion going on with people switching more to flat design.

I personally believe that one of the biggest flag wavers of flat design has come from windows phone;

Windows Phone 8 Design

With it’s flat bold colours and blocky design it does seam to have been at the for front of a change in web design and development.

This is where the Flat UI Kit http://designmodo.github.io/Flat-UI/ comes in. It is based on the very widely used bootstrap framework http://getbootstrap.com/ which has been part of almost every front end dev’s tool kit for a while now. What the people at Designmodo have been able to do is play with the basic bootstrap framework in a way so it doesn’t really feel any different to use over bog standard bootstrap.

What do you get in the download?????

When you download the flat ui kit you will find a collection of different files.

The content of the flat ui download

Now if you have ever used a front-end framework before you will have no problem finding your way around the file structure at all. If you are new to front-end frameworks you still won’t have a problem finding your way around the framework files as everything is layed out in a way that just makes sense.

The index.html file to start off with is just a copy of the page for the flat ui website which I really like that they have given that to you as it works almost like an instruction manual on how to use it. You also get given a copy of the .less files which personally I wish were .scss files but either way I’m glad that you get given them with the download. I understand that the basic version of bootstrap comes with .less files and not .scss files.

In the other files you will find the basic css and js files that you would normally get with bootstrap, then you also get a pre compiled version of the css for flat ui. Moving on you also get an icon font set as well as a set of image files. Some of the image files are only used for the purpose of the demo page where as some are important for various different elements of the frameworks (i.e. the background for the to-do list is an image file). Then finally you also get in the download a collection of both jQuery and JavaScript based .js files to bring in various different bits of functionality into the design, also in the js folder is a minified version of jQuery 1.8.3 and the jQuery ui 1.10.3 but that is a custom version that has been minified so I’m not 100% sure what they have left in or taken out of the jQuery ui platform.

So yeah the flat ui framework is very easy to find your way around and also very easy to learn how to use (even more so if you have used bootstrap in the past).

So should you use it????????

That is the question. Do you want to move towards a more flat design on your new project? If the answer is yes then why not. You can always use it as a starting platform for your new project and then add or takeaway as you want or need too. So why not download it today and start to have a play.

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